B4BC recognizes the growing need to support the breast cancer community, especially young women who have a different set of needs, with over 3 million survivors in the U.S. alone. In 2009, B4BC established the B4BC Survivorship Fund to connect breast cancer survivors with nature-based wellness and sustainability experiences that enhance their path of healing and long-term survivorship.

    Applications for B4BC’s 2018 Chasing Sunshine Mountain Retreat are now open! Details and applications can be found HERE

    In 2015, B4BC produced a documentary called Chasing Sunshine, directed by B4BC’s wellness ambassador and former pro snowboarder, Megan Pischke, based on her journey with breast cancer. Megs was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Fall of 2012 , ironically after hosting a B4BC surf and wellness retreat for breast cancer survivors. A mother of two, snowboarder, yogi, surfer and wellness ambassador, Megs embarks with confidence, feeling uniquely equipped for the unknowns she is about to face. Naturally she is led towards unconventional holistic care as part of her chosen path of healing despite the advice of Western doctors and the controversy that ensues. Thanks to The North Face, the film was completed in 2015.Chasing Sunshine is now FREE for download through the B4BC app!



    Awards and Nominations for Chasing Sunshine Documentary, directed by Megan Pischke and Paul Watt include:

    • Women in Images Awards: Nominated for Best Female Directed and Produced Documentary
    • Canadian International Film Festival: Winner of Best Action Sports Documentary
    • Banff Media and Entertainment Film Festival: Nominated for Best Documentary in Science and Technology
    • Newport Beach Film Festival: Nominated for Best Short Film Documentary


    Download B4BC’s Award-winning Documentary, Chasing Sunshine, on iTunes or the B4BC App today!


    The B4BC Retreats were re-named Chasing Sunshine Retreats after Megan’s film, and are tailored specifically towards young breast cancer patients and survivors. The retreats are led by Megan and her team of facilitators with expertise in massage therapy, yoga, nutritional medicine, life skills coaching, Chinese Medicince, and more.

    To date, B4BC has provided grants to over 80 survivors to attend B4BC clinics and affiliate retreats rooted in mountain and ocean activities. Experiences have included surfing, snowboarding, skiing, yoga, meditation, life-skills coaching and nutrition classes, as well as modes of complementary care. Applications for these experiences are accepted throughout the year.