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B4BC Check One, Two Campus Tour


The Check One, Two Campus Tour posts up on college campuses coast to coast each Fall to provide peer-to-peer communication and education on how to reduce your breast cancer risk. Students receive “coaching” on methods of early detection and have an opportunity to experience what a “lump feels like” through the use of life-like jelly breast molds. Students also can test their “Breast & Health Knowledge” and win prizes with a Q&A game session designed to help identify fact from fiction, dispel common myths, and prompt a conversation about health practices conducive to a young person’s daily life.
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B4BC recognizes the growing need to support the breast cancer community, especially young women who have a different set of needs, with over 3 million survivors in the U.S. alone. In 2009, B4BC established the B4BC Survivorship Fund to connect breast cancer survivors with nature-based wellness and sustainability experiences that enhance their path of healing and long-term survivorship. With the debut of B4BC’s documentary, Chasing Sunshine in 2015, the fund was rebranded as the Chasing Sunshine Project and now provides valuable information in addition to annual Mountain + Ocean retreats.
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