B4BC x Active Ride Shop: $20K For Breast Cancer Prevention!

We are stoked to partner with Active Ride Shop to raise $20K for B4BC’s education, prevention and support programs.

Active Ride Shop will donate $2 from every B4BC x Active product sold towards the cause.

GOAL: $20,000
RAISED: $6,000

Video: Kurt Killingsworth | KVJK Films

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Shop B4BC x Active

Shop the B4BC x Active collection of socks, decks and tees to support B4BC! $2 from every item purchased goes to benefit Boarding for Breast Cancer's education, prevention and support programs—and gets us one step closer to our goal of $20K!

Check out the full B4BC x Active collection here.

Share Your Story: How Has Cancer Affected Your Life?

We're all in this together. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we'll be sharing out stories from Active employees and supporters showing how cancer has affected their lives. If you would like to share your story, send it to lili@b4bc.org

It's Personal for Josue Medina

Josue Reached out to us after seeing the B4BC x Active collaboration. He was touched by the collaboration because of his experience with breast cancer.

This is his story:

"My mother, Estela Ramirez, was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 11 years old in 2005. I am now 23 years old and unfortunately my mother passed away from Stage 4 breast cancer on May 24, 2015 at 54 years old. I want to extend my sincere condolences to anyone who has been impacted by breast cancer, as we all know how tough it can be on a loved one. My mother was always willing to lay down her life for any of her family and friends who were struggling. She was and always will be the strongest woman I've ever known and I love her with all my heart. She was always so supportive of my love for skateboarding and to see that one of my favorite skateboarding companies stands behind the struggles and awareness of breast cancer, made me very grateful. I only wish the best of luck to those who are battling this painful illness. Thank you Active for spreading awareness for breast cancer!"

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It's Personal for Kurt Killingsworth

Kurt Killingsworth was so stoked on the Active Ride Shop x B4BC sock collaboration that he decided to film the above segment in Active's skate park, and share it out to show his support.

This is his story:

"My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 5 years old. I am now 26, and the impact of it is still very real for me. I've always been involved in helping out with different organizations and breast cancer foundations, so when I saw the opportunity to create a film for the B4BC x Active collaboration I was stoked. Cancer has affected my life in a big way—my mom has survived multiple cancers—so I stand behind B4BC's message of early detection and prevention. Getting involved in an organization I believe in makes giving back more beautiful and fun."

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It's Personal for Kalina Gray

Kalina Gray, from the Rancho Cucamonga Active Ride Shop store, has been personally affected by breast cancer through her mother's diagnosis this year. Although it was hard news to digest, she pulls inspiration from her strength and positive outlook.

This is her story:

"My mother, Lee Freire, is the epitome of health: she has exercised her whole life, eats the healthiest foods for her body and has a very positive outlook on life. When we found out in January she had Stage 3 breast cancer, it took us all by surprise. Everything happened so fast, and as a family we are the best support team she can have. Her words are always “I got this”. She has the most positive outlook on life and her soul, love, positivity and support for others radiates out of her. She has her own battle to fight but she ends up helping others fight theirs. Live, love, fight and support."

It's Personal for Anthony Peterson

Anthony Peterson is the store manager at the Active Ride Shop in Chino Hills. His mom is a breast cancer survivor who advocates for early detection, as it saved her life.

This is his story:

“My mom, April Peterson, is 14 year breast cancer survivor who now dedicates her free time to the education, awareness, and prevention of this terrible disease. Thanks to early detection she was able to overcome breast cancer, and through awareness and prevention education she hopes others will follow in her footsteps.”

It's Personal for Kirsten Arbon

Kirsten Arbon is a friend of the Active Ride Shop store in Brea, and she underwent the unthinkable—having to go through cancer treatment while pregnant. She used her difficult experience to create a nonprofit that could provide support for others fighting the same battle she had to fight.

This is her story:

"Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was pregnant. After a long eight months of treatment and pregnancy, my baby boy was born healthier than ever, unaffected by the monsters in me. Then with a few more months of treatment, I was cancer-free and healthy myself. I started a nonprofit to help other parents who were undergoing the same struggles I was called The KM3 Project (thekm3project.org). Fighting cancer is rough, and we're here to help."

Share The Stoke: #BeHealthyGetActive

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